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Our direct marketing business insight papers are always changing so keep coming back for another look – and why not make BaseData one of your “Favourites”… then you’ll never be lost for a handy reference when somebody tells you size doesn’t matter!

BaseData delivers the sort of analyses that can make a major contribution to the achievement of marketing objectives without over-complicating issues or arriving at meaningless propositions that are not actionable. Data Analysis
How BaseData has developed a whole range of automated and manual intervention routines to arrive at the optimum level of data quality - resulting in improved image, improved performance and greater confidence. Data Cleaning
BaseData works closely with list managers, brokers and specialist data-cooperatives and this is our guide to the sourcing and selection of third party consumer mailing lists: ordering, testing, recording and reading response. Lists

BaseData is pleased to make these papers available on the basis that they are treated with courtesy and are not copied, issued or published elsewhere without our express permission.

We reserve the right to correct any assumptions or inferences made in said papers – no liability can be accepted for any interpretation other than our own.

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