Data Management

“The timely and secure, ongoing maintenance and updating of customer personal details and transaction information”

Single Customer View

The 360˚ SCV is now talked about in holy grail terms when we’ve been handling multiple data streams for our clients since... forever!

The advent of more media channels, response mechanisms and multiple address points (billing, delivery, store, on-line, by post, by email) and contact levels (individual, family, household, company) does complicate matters which is why our data matching routines are regularly scrutinised and enhanced, tweaked and tailored to deliver “best fit for purpose”.


There may come a time when you want to start analysing your customer data internally, with your colleagues, at your own desk, but without losing any of the versatility and capability of a dedicated computer bureau service – and this is where our association with Apteco Limited and its FastStats™ Marketing Data Analysis Software comes into its own.

From the rapid analysis of large and complex data sets, FastStats™ provides really compelling visual analyses of marketing data.

Base Data
Direct Marketing & Data Specialists

"In mail order you are your database.  Basedata keep that database in perfect condition and you can’t ask for more.

I can’t recommend them highly enough”

James Johnson-Ferguson
Eric Hill, Looking Good and Angela Gore