Data Cleaning

High spec data cleaning programs and manual intervention for the most accurate name and address verification and correction

Our data cleaning operation uses some twenty individual programmed routines – all separately initiated and supervised – that may call for manual intervention at any and every stage.

We believe no automated system alone can match this degree of accuracy… to deliver:

more mailable and relevant names

improved performance

improved suppression efficiency

less waste

fewer complaints

BaseData’s Rogue Record Archive

Names that nearly got away

Rogue Records

To show you how important such extensive data care can be, we keep a catalogue of data mishaps and the sometimes intentional rubbish we find.. some of it from client’s customer data, some of it from third party, commercially rented data that has passed through other internal or bureaux systems without comment, removal or correction!

We update BaseData’s rogue record archive regularly – take a look at Our Rogue Records.

“How Cleanliness is Next to Impossible”

This is the subject of Joyce’s comment piece that looks at some of the most common problems with data feeds and how best intentions can sometimes create monsters out of innocent data corrections.  Read more on Data Cleaning in Our View Finder.

Base Data
Direct Marketing & Data Specialists

“The nature of our business demands that our data is suppressed with the latest suppression files before any mailing campaign takes place and Basedata ensure that our data is thoroughly checked prior to each event.”

Sue Moss, Mothercare

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