What We Do

We take great pride in our data processing:

data cleaning

data merge processes

response data analysis

- and our output is highly regarded and respected.

You can expect meaningful advice and creative solutions to your most complex marketing problems and our bespoke analyses are carefully designed to fulfil your objectives without being over-complicated.  Read more about data interpretation in the Data Analysis paper to be found in our View Finder.

We also access the FastStats™ data analytics tools for the rapid analysis of very large and complex data sets, on your own desktop.

Whatever the stage or size of your business, we can help..

Start-up businesses

- benefit from our personal, friendly and straight-talking approach which means that you don’t lose sight of your business or control of your data and will quickly become familiar with data processing routines and terminology

Hand-over operations

- taking the step from managing all data requirements in-house to appointing a bureau for the first time you will be reassured by our experience of similar situations and most popular fulfilment systems and our straightforward pricing means that there are going to be no unpleasant surprises.

Large transfer clients

- in situations where ease of transfer from multiple data streams in a timely and efficient manner is paramount, BaseData is experienced enough to cope and small enough to maintain hands-on executive control of your account.

Base Data
Direct Marketing & Data Specialists

“Extremely professional and really care and understand our data needs”

Paula Boulanger, UNICEF